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The Summer is Magic!

Even in The Low Netherlands temperatures keep on rising! Time for some refreshing, sparkling summer bouquets! Both our single stem varieties as well as our spray rose varieties are highly suited for rich filled arrangements! Their multiple blooms per branch make spray rose varieties much beloved amongst florists when creating a bouquet. For more information about each spray rose variety shown, please visit our spray rose section. Enjoy the summer! 


Vacature Interplant: medewerker rozenveredeling gevraagd (M/V)

Ben jij enthousiast, accuraat, hands-on en heb je groene vingers, klaar met je studie of zoek je gewoon een nieuwe uitdaging, dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

Interplant Roses B.V. is een internationaal opererend rozenveredelingsbedrijf. Via een wereldwijd netwerk van lokale agenten worden onze rozenrassen getest en verkocht. Onze klanten zijn in de eerste plaats de rozenkwekers. De ontwikkeling van nieuwe rassen vindt plaats op ons bedrijf in Harmelen.

Voor versterking van ons team zijn wij op zoek naar een ENTHOUSIASTE MEDEWERKER IN DE VEREDELING VAN ROZEN (M/...


Presentation Interplant at Fresco Flowers Meet & Greet!

This week Interplant was present at the Meet and Greet  Event, organized by Fresco Flowers! A lot of growers were present and this was a good opportunity to meet up with everyone in the business and to show many of our new varieties. 

Fresco Flowers a flower packing company located on the world’s best known and largest flower auction, Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. This unique location serves as an excellent platform for the distribution and sale of flowers to Europe. It also gives direct access to the latest market information and trends in the international flower industry.



The Garden Roses of Interplant

Interplant has a broad range of garden rose varieties. See our updated collection! This time of the year, our garden rose trial field is in full bloom, two weeks earlier than normal. There are lots of interesting varieties with nice flower shapes and good colours coming. From here we will decide on adding new varieties to our Babylon Eyes®,...


Interplant Roses prioritises sustainability

Interplant is always striving to have as little impact on our environment as possible. As well as our fully enclosed hydroponics system with no discharge to the environment, and our widely acclaimed wetland which deals with our reverse osmosis waste, at the same time providing a home to a wide variety of birdlife, we have now added a grid tied solar energy system which at its peak can provide almost 100% of our power requirement.
We are always on the lookout for new ways to preserve our fragile environment!
It is well known that wetlands are among the most...