Welcome to The World of Sprayroses!

The World of Sprayroses is new and unique foundation of leading and passionate sprayrose growers with the ambition of showing the endless possibilities of stunning sprayroses worldwide. United as global partners, The World of Sprayroses facilitates a platform for the promotion and support of Sprayroses worldwide.

The demand for Sprayroses has increased tremendously over the past decade. This is not a surprise, looking at the versatility of this beautiful product, the strong quality, the good vase life and the diverse colour range and shapes. One can already create a rich bouquet with a few stems only! This makes the sprayrose a favourite amongst the worldwide flower industry and its consumers.

The foundation wants to inspire florists, designers, event planners and all others in the floricultural sector. Furthermore, The World of Sprayroses will actively promote and develop the product and brand of sprayroses worldwide.

The World of Sprayroses will launch a promotion campagne within the next weeks. Watch the short movie giving a nice impression of the new collective. Find more information here