Sweetheart Roses

Here you will find our complete assortment of Sweetheart Roses. By clicking on a photo you will find the trade name, stem length, vase life, flower production and colour description of each Sweetheart Rose.

Breeding Sweetheart Roses

Interplant Roses offers a well-balanced collection of Sweetheart Roses. Through manual pollination and a sophisticated high-tech optimization process we are always trying to create new Sweetheart Roses that will capture the hearts of our customers. Our fine collection of Sweetheart Rose varieties encompasses all important colours and new Sweethearts are added on a regular basis.

Sweetheart Rose characteristics

Sweetheart Roses are single stem roses with relatively short stems, small flowers and a high stem production. The vase life of Sweetheart Roses has been optimized during years of breeding and is now relatively long with 12 to 14 days. You will often find Sweetheart Roses in the retail segment. 

Getting in touch with Interplant Roses

Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder of Sweetheart Roses and other important rose types. Every year we introduce new rose varieties to our existing rose assortment. Rose growers from all continents can get in touch with our worldwide agents.
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