Interplant Roses
we create the next generation!

Interplant Roses is most proud of its rich history in rose breeding. For decades we have been one of the world’s most prominent rose breeders. And we are always looking towards the future. Which rose varieties will stand out from the crowd in 10 years to come? Only vision can supply the answer to that question. Our vision arises from our shared know-how and close relationship with our customers.

Innovation in rose breeding

Innovation is the heart of our business and our daily mission. Within our location in The Netherlands we make over 150.000 crossings a year, creating exciting new rose varieties. The initial testing of all varieties takes place in our greenhouses in Holland. We use sophisticated computer software to assist us in the hybridization of new rose varieties.

However, the most important element we add to this constant quest of optimization is our know-how and skills obtained over many years of breeding. An excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals form the backbone of our innovative rose breeding company.

Selection process

After two years of testing in The Netherlands, a selection of the most promising seedlings are sent out to test centers all over the world. These seedlings are then tested under different climatic conditions making sure that every new rose variety will meet all requirements and expectations once available to customers worldwide.

Commercialization of the varieties

Besides the necessary technical testing of possible new rose varieties we also conduct many discussions with testing agents. All data and the opinions of our testing agents and other market influencers will be used in deciding which new rose varieties will make the perfect match to our existing or future market segments. Within our head office all the information is evaluated and we make a final decision about which varieties will be commercialized and for which market segment these varieties are best suited.

The activities of our Licence Department

After we have decided which rose varieties will be marketed for which market segments, our licence department gets into action. Provisional denominations will be altered into branded trademarks and registration of Plant Breeder’s Rights will be arranged. Our licence department takes care of all legal aspects and maintains a close relationship with our valued customers.

Product promotion

New Interplant varieties are being promoted worldwide during Flower Shows, inhouse presentations, presentations for the end-users, on social media and of course, at our facilities in The Netherlands/Kenya and at our agents worldwide.

Our focus is on mutual growth

Creating new rose varieties for the worldwide rose industry is a team effort. Interpreting market changes, understanding the needs of rose growers and distributors and translating all these preferences in breeding amazing new rose varieties demands a close relationship with our customers and key influencers.

That is why we travel the world meeting rose growers, rose distributors and retailers, learning from their experiences and needs. To grow our business we have to make sure our customers can meet the demands of their markets. Mutual Growth truly lies at the heart of our business success.

Interplant Roses operates from various locations. Our head office is located in Harmelen, The Netherlands. Our main breeding and testing facilities are also situated in Harmelen. In Kenya we operate a testing facility as well as a showroom. In Barcelona, Spain, we have our office for the South and Latin American activities.

Worldwide representations

Interplant Roses represents fellow rose breeders that add complementary rose varieties to the existing collection of Interplant Roses. We are proud to represent worldwide (except for Australia and New Zealand) Grandiflora Nurseries to our valuable customers around the world.

Ciopora Member

Interplant Roses is a CIOPORA member, being the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties.

Member of Breeding Accel

Breeding Accel is an innovative breeding platform existing of six floricultural breeders: Interplant Roses, Fresh Forward, KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding, Royal Van Zanten and Sion Young Plants. Breeding Accel unites the expertise and research capacity of the individual companies. Its objective is to reduce the time to market, invest jointly in the latest breeding technologies, and exchange knowledge.

Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds B.V.

In the Republic of China, Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds represents Kolster, a leading breeder of summer flowers and fillers for both indoor and outdoor crops. The representation includes the following products: Achillea, Astrantia, Clematis, Delphinium, Eryngium, Hydrangeas, Hypericum, Kniphofia, Phlox, Photinia and Ranunculus.

Our facilities in Kenya:
Interplant Roses East Africa Ltd.

Interplant Roses East Africa operates a testing facility and showcase near lake Naivasha, in Kenya. Chosen for its abundance of flower farms and its suitable microclimate as a perfect testing ground for our varieties. Naivasha is also strategically positioned to accommodate visitors from all over the world who can visit our showcase to view and discuss our latest and established rose varieties, both standard roses and spray roses.

Interplant Roses East Africa is managed by Gavin Mouritzen and his team. A staff of 80 employees takes care of all important day-to-day operations. The facility, a total of 5 hectares, includes a 2.0 hectares budwood area where we grow propagation material for customers. Like all other activities of Interplant Roses quality and innovation are at the center of our business.

Interplant Roses East Africa Ltd. has a personal approach with many valued customers. The rose industry has been facing a renaissance where quality product is taking the place of volume. Interplant Roses East Africa Ltd. recognizes the need to be innovative and has a fresh approach to accommodate this trend.

Interplant understands the increasing demand on Kenya’s natural resources, especially water, and it is for this reason we have installed a closed irrigation system which utilizes 100% of water coming out of our reverse osmosis machines. Any water not utilized by the roses is recycled back into the system via multimedia filters and UV sterilization.

Of course there is always some waste water from cleaning our pack house, offices etc. which is dealt with by our well established wetland. This wetland not only cleans the water and releases it back into the environment, it also provides a sanctuary for many bird and fish species.

Interplant has ‘gone solar’ with a grid tied unit which at its peak supplies 90% of our daytime power requirement.

We are dedicated to continue providing the best possible services to our customers and the industry from our amazing Kenyan facility.

Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds E.A. Ltd.

In the region of East-Africa, Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds represents Kolster, a leading breeder of summer flowers and fillers for both indoor and outdoor crops. The representation includes the following products: Achillea, Astrantia, Clematis, Delphinium, Eryngium, Hydrangeas, Hypericum, Kniphofia, Phlox, Photinia and Ranunculus.

Also in the region of East-Africa, Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds represents Royal Van Zanten, an international leader in breeding and propagation of cut flowers (Alstroemeria, Charmelia®, Statice, Chrysanthemum and Bouvardia) and pot plants (Aster, Alstroemeria, Celosia, Chrysanthemum and Multiflora). The representation includes the following products: Alstroemeria, Statice, Chrysanthemum and Limonium.

Both the Kolster and Royal Van Zanten test facility are located at Interplant East-Africa in Naivasha, Kenya. Chosen for its suitable micro-climate in the flower growing region of Kenya, the test facilities in Naivasha are strategically placed in the heart of this flower growing region. In view of the fact that there is an increasing demand on Kenya’s natural resources, care has been taken to recycle much of the water used by the facility that operates mainly on solar energy.

Interplant Agriculture Ltd.

In 2021 Interplant formed a partnership with Barenbrug, South Africa with the aim of becoming their preferred distributor and representative in Kenya and surrounds. We realised that, with the escalating prices of fertilizer, chemicals, and other farms inputs, as well as shifting laws or opinions against the use thereof, there is an ever increasing necessity to reintroduce a more regenerative approach to our faming systems. Our soils have been intensively cultivated for many generations with high inputs of synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemicals to account for depleting soil health, and it is now time for us to give back to our soils. Barenbrug is one of the leading innovators of regenerative agriculture, reshaping conventional farming methodes using diverse, mixed species cover crops to generate multiple benefits such as soil enrichment, fertility, carbon sequestration, diversity of soil microbes, better water management, reduced weed pressure, pets and diseases, improved biodiversity and susutainability. We want to bring this expertise to our farmers in the hopes of encouraging and implementing this new approach to farming, creating a more sustainable agro ecosystem, wich may also benefit or improve neighbouring natural ecosystems. In light of this, we established Interplant Agriculture Ltd. to focus on the importation and distribution of over 70 different species of Grasses, Legumes, Brassicas and Herbs, providing us with the tools to offer highly specific cover crops, taillored to each and every client depending on their particular needs.