Our Standard Rose collection

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Interplant Roses offers a wide collection in Hybrid Tea Roses, Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses and Sweetheart Roses. Constantly we are creating and testing new varieties. Our Standard Rose collection encompasses 3 distinctive rose assortments:

  1. Hybrid Tea Roses
  2. Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses
  3. Sweetheart Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

With its large and well-formed buds and long straight stems Hybrid Tea Roses have always been a popular segment in the international rose market.

At Interplant Roses we have introduced many exciting Hybrid Tea Roses and we constantly add new ones to our well-balanced collection.
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Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses

Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses have smaller buds and shorter stems than genuine Hybrid Tea Roses. They are used all over the world in bouquets and wreaths and represent an important segment within the cut rose market. New introductions are constantly added.
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Sweetheart Roses

Our Standard Rose collection is being completed with a fine collection of Sweetheart Roses. Within our Standard Roses they represent the roses with the smallest buds and stems. Ideally suited for bride’s bouquets Sweetheart Roses remain an important market for Interplant Roses. We offer a sophisticated collection of Sweetheart Roses and regularly we introduce new Sweethearts to our international customers.
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