Premium Spray Roses

Here you will find our complete assortment of Premium Spray Roses. By clicking on a photo you will find the trade name, stem length, vase life, flower production and colour description of each Spray Rose.

Breeding Premium Spray Roses

Over the years Interplant Roses has established a name for itself in breeding Spray Roses. Today we are the worldwide leader in Spray Roses. Besides breeding Regular Spray Roses for all sorts of markets and a special range for supermarkets we also breed an extraordinary top line of Spray Roses for special occasions and distinctive markets. With our line of Premium Spray Roses we have created Spray Roses with specific traits that distinguish themselves from Regular Spray Roses. The flower production of our Premium collection of Spray Roses is always medium to low. That is why they are being released on a limited base to designated customers.

Premium Spray Rose characteristics

Premium Spray Roses have the same basic characteristics as Regular Spray Roses. The big difference is that they excel in some important traits. Premium Spray Roses have specific forms and are larger than normal flower sizes. They also distinguish themselves with diverse bud shapes, unique colours and refined characteristics. Large flowers and limited releases add to the exclusive nature of our Premium Spray Roses.

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Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder of Spray Roses and other important rose types. Every year we introduce new rose varieties to our existing rose assortment. Rose growers from all continents can get in touch with our worldwide agents.
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