Our Spray Rose collection

Interplant Roses is the worldwide leader in Spray Roses breeding. Being the first rose breeder to develop Spray Roses for the cut rose industry we have seen this market evolve over the years. Today Spray Roses find their way to all sorts of market segments. That is why we breed different Spray Roses for distinctive markets. At Interplant Roses we breed Spray Roses in 5 variations:


Fabelicious dried spray roses

Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties is a new brand of dried spray roses that stands for an excellent and homogeneous quality. The story behind these beautiful roses is unique. It tells a story based on fair trade, sustainability and homogeneous quality. With the purchase of Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties we create a more beautiful world together. Take a quick view at the website www.fabelicious.com to view the total range in the webshop or download the online magazine.