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Interplant Roses is the worldwide leader in Spray Roses breeding. Being the first rose breeder to develop Spray Roses for the cut rose industry we have seen this market evolve over the years. Today Spray Roses find their way to all sorts of market segments. That is why we breed different Spray Roses for distinctive markets. At Interplant Roses we breed Spray Roses in 4 variations:

  1. Regular Spray Roses
  2. Premium Spray Roses
  3. Supermarket Range Spray Roses
  4. Trendsetter Roses

Regular Spray Roses

Our assortment Regular Spray Roses encompasses a wide collection of exciting colourful Spray Roses. With its multiple blooms per branch Spray Roses offer all sorts of possibilities for wholesalers, florists and consumers.They are ideally suited for mixed bouquets, mono bouquets and
creative presentations.
Take a look at our assortment Regular Spray Roses

Premium Spray Roses

Our range of Premium Spray Roses distinguish themselves in larger flower sizes, perfect flower forms and bud shapes and limited releases. They also possess unique colours and special growth characteristics.
Our collection of Premium Spray Roses is being used in exclusive bouquets and presentations for special occasions.
Take a look at our assortment Premium Spray Roses

Supermarket Range Spray Roses

Especially for supermarkets around the world Interplant Roses has developed a specific assortment in beautiful but affordable Spray Roses.

Our Supermarket Range is well suited for mono or mixed bunches. As Spray Roses are very appealing to the shopping public they entice impulse purchases.
Take a look at our Supermarket Range in Spray Roses

Trendsetter Roses

Interplant Roses has developed a new segment within their spray rose line called Trendsetter Roses. Trendsetter Roses refer to the nostalgic garden roses which differentiate from the regular spray roses. Their traditional English flower shape gives them a romantic impression. Their uniqueness is characterized when the flower achieves full blooming. In general, Trendsetter Roses have large flowers, can be used in all kind of bouquets and give a natural appearance. Even a single stem Trendsetter Rose can invoke a feeling of serenity and beauty. Take a look at our Trendsetter assortment


Vase preparation tips for Spray Roses  / How to maintain Spray Roses 

How to make sure you can enjoy your spray roses a long as possible? What is the best way to conserve them? Download Tips & Tricks for Spray Roses and you will find out all about it!