Hybrid Tea Roses

Here you will find our complete assortment of Hybrid Tea Roses. By clicking on a photo you will find the trade name, stem length, vase life, flower production and colour description of each Hybrid Tea Rose.

Hybrid Tea Rose breeding

Interplant Roses is one of the leading rose breeders in Hybrid Tea Roses. At our breeding facility in The Netherlands we hybridize thousands of Hybrid Tea Roses a year. Our hybridization process is based on traditional manual cross pollination and and know-how, supported by advanced computer technology. It all begins by the pollination of the mother plant with the pollen of another rose. Then a process of optimization and testing takes place in getting the desired result in colour, stem length and bud shape and many other important characteristics.

Hybrid Tea Rose characteristics

Hybrid Tea Roses are one of the most popular rose types in the world. The typical shape of a Hybrid Tea Rose is a straight and upright long stem with a large flower. The bloom of a Hybrid Tea Rose can be as large as 8 - 12 centimeters in diameter. The rose plant itself can grow as high as 1.7 meters although most Hybrid Teas have shorter stems for practical reasons varying between 70 and 90 centimeters. Due to its long stem and colourful blossoms Hybrid Tea Roses are ideally suited as cut flowers.

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Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder of Hybrid Tea Roses and other important rose types. Every year we introduce new rose varieties to our existing rose assortment. Rose growers from all continents can get in touch with our worldwide agents.
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