Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties: dried spray roses!





New! 2Dezign launches the brand ‘’Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties’’. Spray roses from Interplant Roses are used for this new brand.

Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties is a new brand of dried roses that stands for an excellent and homogeneous quality. The story behind these beautiful roses is unique. It tells a story based on fair trade, sustainability and homogeneous quality. With the purchase of Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties we create a more beautiful world together.

Dried flowers are the newest trend in which Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties takes the lead. After all, Fabelicious™ stands for much more than just dried roses and also offers a variety of striking concepts in which Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties distinguish themselves in unique combinations with lifestyle products.

The Fabelicious™ Everlasting Beauties collection represents a carefully composed mix out of a wide range African single and spray roses. The production process is sustainable and based on certified cultivation. The working conditions are good and fair wages are being paid. This helps the people of Africa a few steps forward. Also it prevents the waste of the flowers. With strong production capacities in Africa and excellent drying and logistics facilities in The Netherlands, it is possible to deliver the roses in bundles or, if desired, in bulk. ‘With love from Africa to Amsterdam’ is our beautiful story.

The collection has just been released. Take a quick view at the website www.fabelicious.com to view the total range in the webshop.

Take a look at the beautiful online magazine: Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties: dried spray roses