Red Panther: the marbled red discovery by Interplant Roses

Our new hybrid-tea variety ‘Red Panther’ with its spectacular red striped look, is conquering the world rapidly. This bi-coloured mutation of the popular velvet red variety ‘Explorer’ was introduced in 2020 and was discovered in the Andes region of Ecuador.

Outside the remarkable colour, the newcomer has a nice bud presentation, a perfect opening, a vaselife of at least 12 days and is easy to transport. The variety is highly suited for the typical South American climate and therefore mainly grown in Ecuador and Colombia.

This spectacular new red-pink rose is proving to be a hit all across the world. Interplant believes that the success of Red Panther is a result of excellent characteristics of the rose combined with a striking marbled red colour. Of course, Red Panther is the perfect match for any Christmas bouquet.

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