Article on LinkedIn by Shabistan khan – Senior Executive Operations at SOEX FLORA.

You know love is in the air; gifts shops are flooded with red colors hearts, soft toys, cards perfumes, and symbol of Valentine cupid. It’s February and Valentine’s Day is observed on 14 each year. Lovers spoil each other and express just how much they love and appreciate their better half with gifts as expensive as diamonds and simple and most expressive gift as a stem of a red rose.

Red roses are an integral part of Valentine day celebrations and that’s why many breeders spend years of research to come up with the most amazing red rose which expresses your true feelings and conveys your emotions to your partner. In this article, we are going to explore the five most amazing red roses which will be part of your most romantic day in 2019. All 5 of these roses are tributes to love in its various forms. From friendly love to blossoming romances, grand love stories and even the love of eternity – these roses cover it all. Believe me; you’re going to fall hard for each and every one of them…

1. B-Loved+

If you are looking forward to nothing but love, romance, and an ideal red rose, B-LOVED+ from the house off Dummen Orange is just right red rose to give to your beloved this Valentine. It is a beautiful large-headed rose with a strong stem. The petals open beautifully and give it a luxurious look. It is preferred by the rose growers in Europe.

  • Stem Length:-50 to 70 cm
  • Vase Life: – 12 to 14 days
  • Breeder: – Dummen Orange
  • For more details about their assortment visit the website

2. Explorer

Are you searching for the perfect red rose to explore the wonders of love this Valentine?? The “EXPLORER” from the house of Interplant Roses is an answer to your search. This trendy rose has all the great qualities to impress your lover. It has a long & strong stem, big bud size, and deepest darkest red hues bring feelings of an ethereal romance. It is one of the most hit variety amongst growers in Ecuador. The demand for this beautiful rose is increasing all across Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and North America since its launch in 2011.

  • Stem Length:-60 to 80 cm
  • Vase Life:-12-14 days
  • Breeder: – Interplant Roses
  • For more details about their assortment visit the website

3. Mayra’s Rose Red

For the expression of never-ending and young-at-heart love, Mayra’s Rose Red from the house of Continental Breeding is a great choice. Mayra’s Rose Red is rich and exotic, extravagant garden rose. This dark red velvet rose has more than eighty petals of vivacious bud that blooms in a dramatic manner. It is suitable for growers at very high altitude. Its premium product and cater niche market.

  • Stem Length:- 50 to 70 cm
  • Vase Life:-12-14 days
  • Breeder: – Continental Breeding
  • For more details about their assortment visit the website

4.   Red Naomi!

Nothing can express the magic of timeless love better than RED NAOMI! from the house of Schreurs. The scent of a rose is the essence of romance and the Red Naomi breath feeling of love with its unique classic fragrance and deep red tone. It has a large head with high petal count and good vase life. It is the most favorite red rose amongst European growers.

  •  Stem Length:-60 to 90 cm
  • Vase Life:-10-14 days
  • Breeder: – Schreurs
  • For more details about their assortment visit the website

5. Top Secret/ Taj Mahal

TOP SECRET/TAJ MAHAL is an absolute breathtaking red rose from the house of Meilland International. It has an inspiring beauty of Taj Mahal which makes it the best choice for expressing deepest affection LOVE. It is one of the most favorite red rose variety of Indian rose growers and has seen immense success in the global market. This red rose has a straight and upright stem with a big head size that blooms magnificently.

  • Stem Length:-40 to 60 cm
  • Vase Life:-10 days
  • Breeder: – Meilland International
  • For more details about their assortment visit the website