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Staff member Rose Breeding (M/F)

37 hrs

Job description:
The work will consist of all occurring activities in the breeding process such as the crossing, pollination, harvesting and crop handling as well as the propagation and transplanting of of the rose plants.

Job profile:
For this vacancy we require a senior secondary vocational education (mbo) who is interested in research and breeding activities. You have a valid spraying licence (or willing to get one promptly) and a driving licence. A good team spirit and a no nonsense, practical approach are very important.

What we offer:
Interplant offers a multifaceted job in a dynamic international company. We believe that personal development is important and will encourage this. You will be part of a professional and ambitious team with an informal  and pleasant atmosphere. The salary is in accordance with the importance of the job.

How to apply:
Please send your written application by e-mail to: interplant Roses B.V., attention Mr M.F. Ilsink, Hugo de Vriesweg 4a, 3481 JA Harmelen (mail@interplant.nl). More general information about Interplant can be found here: www.interplant.nl

Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated.