The last quarter Interplant Roses has not been idle. Our Product Promotion Team presented our latest varieties in various locations all over the world. An excellent tool to get a full picture of how our new introductions are being received by mainly growers and traders. Participating in flower shows such as IFTEX, the Shanghai Flower Show, and ROOOZ contributes to that. Below we present you the most promising varieties divided in groups. 

Intermediate Hybrid-Tea Varieties (Retail)

  • First shown is Morangie,a bright orange variety, stemlength 50 – 70 cm, medium production level, vaselife 10 – 12 days.
  • Next shown is Primio, beautiful cerise coloured variety, stemlength 50 – 60 cm, vaselife 12 – 14 days, high production level. 

Hybrid-Tea Varieties

  • Third shown is Honolulu, trendy soft-pink coloured variety, winner of the ROOOZ Contest 2016. Vaselife of 14 – 16 days, stemlength 50 – 70 cm. VBN Code 120150. 
  • Fourth in row is Yelloween, high producer, stemlength 60 – 80 cm, VBN Code 120145. Bright yellow coloured. 
  • As fifth, meet Svetlana, light pink coloured variety, stemlength 50-70 cm, medium flower production. VBN Code 107011.
  • The last shown is Highlight, very popular white coloured variety, stemlength 50-70 cm., high flower production. 

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