Busy days for all our rose friends and colleagues: Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and now Mother’s Day is coming up. Positive vibes surround us, creating a welcome, joyful atmosphere! To kickstart 2018, we held several Inhouse Flower Presentations. Many national and international rose importing and exporting companies visited our facilities with strong delegations of decision-makers. Interplant took the opportunity to conduct a survey on the Top 4 of both single and spray rose varieties. Below the results!

Top 4 Single Varieties – January 2018 Survey Interplant Holland

Coral Reeva®
A garden shaped single headed rose, medium to long stemmed, with an old English shaped, elegant opening. Garden shaped roses are also becoming more and more popular with florists and flower arrangers. With its rare coral pink colour, a true eyecatcher.
Interplant’s Intermediate hybrid tea roses distinguish themselves from regular hybrid tea roses by having smaller stems and rose blooms. In general they have a longer vase life than regular hybrid teas which make them ideally suited as cut roses in mixed bouquets or rose bouquets. With its ceam lemon colour and high production level, Pompeii is a rising star. VBN-code 121519.
Pink Touch®
Another intermediate hybrid-tea variety rising to the top of its class! Trendy cream pink coloured and an excellent vaselife of 14 – 16 days. VBN-code 119316.

A bright yellow coloured hybrid-tea variety, high production level. The first flowers from producers are entering the market now. VBN-code 120145. Interplant’s hybrid tea roses are very popular worldwide. Due to its long stem and colourful blossoms, hybrid tea roses are ideally suited as cut flowers.

Top 4 Spray Rose Varieties – January 2018 Survey Interplant Holland

Fair Flow®
This pink coloured variety belongs to a new type of flowers and is being bred exclusively by Interplant. Flows display particular and unique ruffled petal shapes, Once fully opened up, the blooms create a surprising expression, with varying shapes and colour contrasts from petal to petal.
Cream coloured premium spray rose variety with a high production level. VBN-code 120441. Premium spray roses have the same basic characteristics as regular spray roses, however, they excel in some important traits. Premium spray roses have specific forms and larger than normal flower sizes. They also distinguish themselves with diverse bud shapes, unique colours and refined characteristics. Large flowers and limited releases add to the exclusive nature of our premium spray rose line. 
Hot pink coloured spray rose variety with a high production level. Stemlength 50 – 70 cm, VBN-code 120148. 

This cream white beauty is also a member of the premium spray rose family. Stemlength 50-70 cm, VBN-code 120587. 
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