Interplant’s Product Promotion Team is constantly on its way to promote our latest rose varieties. The opinion of our audience is of great importance to us. How do they judge our varieties? What about the colour, the stemlength, vaselife, shape, transportation possibilities? Last week the team went to Zürich, Switzerland and held a flower presentation in cooperation with Aablo Export B.V.

A wide range of varieties was shown at the cash-and-carry stores Zürcher Blumenörse and Blumenbörse Rothrist. Nice spray rose varieties such as Tanja and Aerobic from Voorn Roses were presented as well as the Clustar Roses from Kwekerij De Opstal (Silver Lace, Pink Lace, Lavender Lace).

Furthermore, we showed a trendy assortment from our facilities in Kenya with varieties like Eyeliner, Summer Dance, Yelloween, Pompeii, Silver Shadow, Haley, Pink Bijoux, Fiction and Smashing. Last but certainly not least, we showed our Flow Series, a brand new product line containing varieties with characteristic elements such as unique flower shape and ruffled petals.

Of course, this was the perfect occasion to conduct a survey among the representative visitors. Below the results (Top 5) that show the most valued varieties for that moment.

Survey at Zürcher Blumenörse and Blumenbörse Rothrist – Zürich, Switzerland
1. The Flows (mix)
2. Silver Lace
3. Pink Lace
4. Pink Bijoux
5. Silver Shadow

Please click on each link provided to learn more about these smashing rose varieties! 
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