Meet our new member of the spray rose family: Pryanka! Trendy pink-white bi-coloured spray rose, stemlength 50 – 70 cm and a vaselife of appr. 11 – 13 days. 

Since the beginning of Spray Rose breeding we have seen a steady rise in popularity for this special and elegant rose type. One striking element of this rose directly stands out: multiple rose blooms grow on a single branch. With intermediate stem lengths of about 60 to 70 centimeters and relatively small rose blooms they have a very elegant appearance. As they normally grow 5 to 7 flowers per stem they will make a big impact in bouquets. Spray Roses come in all sorts of colours and shades. You will find Regular Spray Roses in mono and mixed bouquets and they also are great for luxury presentations and creations due to its multiple flowering blooms.