The Babylon Eyes® Roses of Interplant in 'Tuinzaken August/September 2016'

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Babylon Eyes® Roses
Interplant’s philosophy has always been to produce roses that are different. More than 25 years ago, the Ilsink family could see that there'd be an interest in a rose with a spot, but it would also need to be low growing, perpetual flowering and disease resistant. Over the years, carefull breeding took place to capture a distinct flower appearance with a multitude of constrasting colour combinations that continously change as the flowers age, giving a kaleidoscope of colour throughout the Spring-to-Fall flowering season. A new shrub rose collection was born: ‘Babylon Eyes®’: compact, single-flowered roses producing a rich display of red, yellow, pink or orange flowers with an eye-catching centre in a contrasting colour. 

The Search for the perfect new Rose....
In the latest edition of 'Tuinzaken' , a well-known Dutch trademagazine for garden retailers, CEO Robert Ilsink gives us a clear glimpse of how the days of an ambitious breeder look like and in particular he gives a view of the growing process of the Babylon Eyes Roses. Article is in Dutch, but please enjoy!