Interplant in Spray Rose Special 'Bloemenkrant': worldwide leader in spray roses!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

In the special edition of the Dutch Floriculture Magazine 'De Bloemenkrant' a whole page was contributed to the activities of Interplant Roses B.V., being the worldwide leader in (the development of) Spray Roses! The article reads about the history of the spray rose, that was introduced in 1982. Separate attention is given to the development of Clustar Roses, combining the best components of both garden and cut roses. Some new introductions are put into the spotlights, being Josephine®, Tracy®, Tanja®, Galina® and A-Lady®.Interplant is looking forward to what we call the 'Spray Rose Revolution' as a complete new generation of spray roses is about to be revealed! Early 2017 this will be kicked-off with the introduction of the Gem Series: a new spray rose line, roses characterized by semi large flowers and a special flower shape: 'the Old English Shape'. This new range has a fantastic vaselife and an excellent opening. See below entire article!.