While spring is awakening slowly, Interplant treats you to some lovely new spray rose varieties! Being the worldwide leader in development of spray roses, we nowadays have a broad range of spray rose varieties, suited for all kind of occasions.

To start with, we have our regular range of spray roses. See for yourself the wide collection in colours we have. Secondly, we have the premium spray roses. They distinguish themselves with diverse bud shapes, unique colours and refined characteristics. Large flowers and limited releases add to the exclusive nature of our premium spray roses. Thirdly, we have a special supermarket range of spray roses. These spray roses have the right colours and growth characteristics that are perfectly suited for this specific shopping situation and can be sold for affordable prices. The flower production of these spray roses is normally high making sure they are always in good supply. Last but certainly not least, we have our range of Trendsetter roses. Trendsetter Roses refer to the nostalgic garden roses which differentiate from the regular spray roses. Their traditional English flower shape gives them a romantic impression. Their uniqueness is characterized when the flower achieves full blooming. 

Below we introduce our latest spray rose varieties:

  1. Tarantella: bright yellow spray rose variety, stemlength 60-80 cm, vaselife 12 – 14 days
  2. New Star: premium spray rose variety, orange-pink coloured, stemlength 60-80 cm, vaselife 12-14 days
  3. Alexine: premium spray rose variety, lovely pink colour, stemlength 50-70 cm, vaselife 10-12 days
  4. Cheyenne: premium spray rose variety, warm cerise colour, stemlength 60-80 cm, vaselife 10-12 days
  5. Jolly Trendsetter: trendsetter variety, pink colour, stemlength 50-70 cm, vaselife 9-11 days
  6. Grand Trendsetter, trendsetter variety, trendy old pink colour, stemlength 60-70 cm, vaselife 12-14 days

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