New introductions Supermarket Range Spray Roses

Here you will find our latest introductions in our Supermarket Range of Spray Roses.

Our latest creations in our Supermarket Range of Spray Roses

Besides breeding Spray Roses for all sorts of market segments around the world we also offer a specific collection of Spray Roses for supermarkets. In breeding Spray Roses for supermarkets we take into account a number of explicit needs and demands that are typical for this particular market situation. The audience at supermarkets differs significantly from customers in more flower orientated buying situations. Our Supermarket Range in Spray Roses is constantly renewed based upon the shifting behavior and preferences of the supermarket consumer.

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Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder. Every year we introduce new rose varieties to our existing rose assortment. Rose growers from all continents can get in touch with our worldwide agents. Here you will find the agent of your region For any further information please get in touch with Interplant Roses. Go directly to our contact page