Interplant’s collection of garden roses consists of three unique groups of distintive garden roses: The Babylon Eyes RosesThe Holiday Island Roses and The Ruffle Roses. Last week we started to highlight some of these marvellous series, to begin with the Babylon Eyes Roses.

Babylon Eyes Roses are compact, single-flowered roses producing a rich display of red, yellow, pink or orange flowers with an eye-catching centre in a contrasting colour. The shrub rose produces flowers from March/April until far into the autumn and requires no deadheading. The unique eye-catching flowers make Babylon Eyes Roses the perfect choice for use in pots and containers. Also the mass of blooms, continuous flowering, beautiful colours, lush green foliage, compact bushes and strong disease resistance are great characteristics.

Today we show you Coral Babylon Eyes Roses and Sunshine Babylon Eyes Roses. Variety Sunshine is multicoloured red (fading to pink) and yellow with bright red basal spot. Coral Babylon Eyes is pink/yellow with red basal spot.

See for yourself the fantastic, endless use of this product and the contribution to a wonderful atmosphere in every garden or patio. Enjoy! 
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