Interplant Roses presents ‘Spray Rose of the Week’

Interplant will show its wide collection of spray roses in its new series ‘Spray Rose of the Week’. The spray roses of Interplant are available year-round and  highly versatile to use.

With at least 52 commercial varieties to present, Interplant will demonstrate the diversity in its spray rose range.

Every week a new spray rose will be in the spotlight, displaying their rich variety of colours and shapes. The series will definitely prove the fact that the spray rose is an excellent year round product: for any time of the year there is a perfect spray rose available. Spray roses can be used for multi purposes, both in mono and mixed bouquets.

The past decade, the acreage of spray roses around the globe has increased tremendously. This is the result of a much better quality and greater versatility of the product. The Spray Rose of the Week will be broadcast every Thursday on Interplant’s Instagram page ‘interplantroses’ and can also be viewed here.