From now on, the English rose specialist Harkness New Roses will offer the complete productline of breeder Interplant Roses to their clients. By means of this representation in the United Kingdom, Interplant gives substance to their international growth strategy of being a leading and innovative breeder of cutflowers and garden roses worldwide.
This coming summer, two prominent series from Interplant’s garden rose collection, the Holiday Island Roses and the Babylon Eyes Roses will already be shown at the fields of Harkness, in Hertz, England. During the summer time, Interplant and Harkness will visit the English growers together to promote their product line.
Already in 2016, Interplant adopted the agency of Harkness by representing them in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Both Interplant and Harkness are very enthusiastic about this cooperation. Parties are confident that the mutual exchange of agencies are the perfect opportunity to expand their product assortment. Besides the existing varieties, some beautiful new introductions will be  released in the near future, in which fragrance and excellent health of the new garden rose varieties will be leading.
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