A lot of visitors found their way to the fantastic Autumn Fair ‘A Differenct Winter’ organized by FloraZON the 24th and 25th of September.

Cash & Carry FloraZON, who gives lodging to six prominent companies, offers a surprising complete assortment of flowers and plants, packing material, mood products and related trendy articles.

Interplant Roses is the only rose breeder present at the Autumnfair ‘A Different Winter’ to be held at the location of FloraZON whereby appealing themes such as ‘Nature Vibes’, ‘Autumn Botanics and ‘Christmas Brights’ will see the light. A team of well-known flower arrangers such as Mehmet Yilmaz (Lersch Floral Design), Joyce Brueren and Dini Holtrop surely inspire the audience! 

In close cooperation with Fleura Metz Venlo and  Gebroeders Dings  Interplant will not only show a lot of beautiful varieties but also give an insight view of the breeding process. The show is mainly visited by florists from Germany and The Netherlands. 

A summary of the Interplant Varieties shown at the Autumnfair: 

Furthermore, some special new varieties are being shown in the ‘Gallery of Honour’: Fair-Flow, Charming Flow and Bamboo. 

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