With Spring in the air and Easter coming up, it’s time to seek inspiration for some lovely soft toned bouquets!
For sure, Interplant’s broad range of cream, (soft) white and green coloured varieties can be of assistance. In our previous post, we showed our top Golden Stars, lots of inspiration for yellow coloured Interplant varieties. Now it’s time to present some matching white and green coloured roses to give you some nice ideas for smashing bouquets! 

A quick summary of some spring varieties:

  • Highlight®: hybrid-tea rose, perfect performer, vaselife 12-14 days, high producer
  • Green Glow®: premium spray rose, perfect performer, trendy colour, much in demand, VBN-Code 116035
  • Lyrica®: premium spray rose, beautiful white colour, vaselife 10-12 days
  • Josephine®: popular spray rose, vaselife 10-12 days, VBN-Code 119268
  • Snow World®: premium spray rose, vaselife 10-12 days

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