Interplant Roses represents fellow rose breeders that add complementary rose varieties to the existing collection of Interplant Roses. We are proud to represent Grandiflora Nurseries Australia. Beautiful varieties such as Buttercup and Atomic are most welcome in our collection of cut flowers.

To stay focused and informed about all mutual developments, we visit Grandiflora regularly. Last week, Robert Ilsink went ‘Down Under’ and this was a great opportunity to see the (future) developments of Grandiflora regarding their rose varieties. Grandiflora is working hard to improve even more the quality of the Clustar Roses as well as expand the colour range of this group.

Clustar Roses, as the name suggests, are a formation of a cluster of flowers and buds on each stem known as a truss. The extensive range of Clustar Roses combined with the imagination of the floral designer will inspire many impressive floral masterpieces.

The first pictures show some beautiful Clustar Rose Arrangements of Grandiflora. The last picture show CEO Robert Ilsink together with Harry Schreuders, Managing Director of Grandiflora, selecting future varieties. 
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