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Easter Collection

Flowers are at their brightest and best during spring with nature providing a vibrant colour palette that can be brought indoors to brighten up any room or add the ‘wow factor’ to Easter celebrations! As Spring is in the air, we we wish to give you some Easter Flower Inspiration! 

Number one yellow: Interplant’s best seller in Africa Moonwalk, a strong intermediate hybrid tea variety with its well-known bright yellow colour, high production level and good vaselife. Beautiful in (Easter) arrangements. VBN Code 111071.

Next we show Brighton; number one best seller in South-America, popular in the US market, good vaselife. 

Upcoming yellow varieties
We show Mariah, beautiful yellow spray rose, high production level. VBN Code 113458. See our website for some nice arrangements. Next is shown Bandolero, premium spray rose. Typical spring variety with its cream yellow green colours. VBN Code 115023. Followed by Pauline, premium spray rose variety, stemlength 50 – 70 cm. Finally, we present Morito, nice yellow coloured spray rose. 

Some other colour inspiration for Easter bouquets….
In a nice Easter bouquet or spring arrangement, our yellows can be combined perfectly with some lovely greens or whites. What about Green Glow, premium spray rose, soft green colour. We also think about Buttercup, classic rose, cream lemon colour, high production. And of course, no spring bouquet is complete without the established spray rose Snowflake, VBN Code 115597, high production. Finally, one of the Bombastic family would fit nicely: Miss Bombastic, popular premium spray rose, VBN Code 117296. 

Have a lovely springtime! 
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