Did you know that we have a lot of various rose varieties especially suited for the lovely season of autumn? We personally love the rich and goldy colours of these beauties! So nice to combine in a mixed bouquet! 

Below a glimpse of our Autumn Varieties:

  • Chococcino. Beautiful orange brown premium spray rose. Popular variety!
  • Antigua: pink-cream bi-coloured premium spray rose. Classic yet trendy. 
  • Brown Sugar: the name says it all: brown coloured and looking sweet as sugar! Premium spray rose variety. 
  • Babe: long time classic; popular for years now. Deep orange coloured spray rose variety. 
  • Tiebreak: bi-coloured orange sweetheart variety, high producer. 
  • Tycoon: orange coloured hybrid-tea variety, used a lot in mixed bouquets. 

Have a wonderful autumn!
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