Fragrant Roses

Here you will find our complete assortment of Fragrant Roses. By clicking on a photo you will find the trade name, stem length, vase life, flower production and colour description of each Fragrant Rose.

Breeding Fragrant Roses

There has been a lot of discussion going on in the world of rose breeding whether a rose should be fragrant or not. Many customers today look at other traits in roses than scent. On the other hand there is a specific market for roses with a distinct fragrance . At Interplant Roses we believe that every market segment should have its own particular rose varieties. That is why we breed Fragrant Roses for customers who are looking for beautiful, colourful roses that also are gifted with that specific scent that only roses possess.

Fragrant Rose characteristics

A Fragrant Rose is distinct because of its particular scent. A Fragrant Rose can be found in all rose types. It is their fragrance that makes them special.  At Interplant Roses we specifically breed roses for their fragrance. That being said we also make sure that our Fragrant Roses have more desirable traits as nice bud shapes, optimized growth characteristics or fine, distinctive colours.

Getting in touch with Interplant Roses

Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder of Fragrant Roses and other important rose types. Every year we introduce new rose varieties to our existing rose assortment. Rose growers from all continents can get in touch with our worldwide agents.
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