Interplant Roses East Africa

Interplant Roses East Africa For several years Interplant Roses has operated a testing and commercial show facility in Kenya, near Lake Naivasha. Situated in the Naivasha Flower Business Park our facility is ideally located for the testing of new rose varieties. Customers and rose enthusiasts from all over the world frequently visit the Naivasha area and we are more than happy to show them our latest innovations and introductions of new rose varieties.


Propagation at InterplantThe benefits of our facility in Kenya

Situated in one of the world’s most prolific rose growing areas, within an almost perfect climatic micro environment, the Naivasha Flower Business Park offers Interplant Roses an ideal location for testing and showing our lateste rose introductions to our valued customers.  This is why we test the most promising rose varieties for a minimum of two years. Here we can closely watch the development of the new varieties in Kenya's climatic environment. From our propagation unit we supply test plants to growers in the East African region. Our Kenyan facility also is a perfect meeting place for different market parties such as rose growers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and retailers.

Getting in touch with our customers

Interplant varieties and introductionsOn a regular basis Interplant Roses welcomes customers and interested market parties for Open Days at our Kenyan facility. During these Open Days our latest rose varieties and introductions are shown. It is also the perfect time to discuss the development of new innovations and to get to know the needs of our customers and understand new market movements. We learn a lot from the insights of our customers and the contact with different market parties which we can then put to use for future innovations. But you do not need to wait for an Open Day to meet us at our Kenya facility. We will always welcome interested market parties throughout the year. You are always welcome to visit us!

Day-to-day management and operation

Interplant Roses East Africa is managed by Gavin Mouritzen and his team. A staff of 60 employees takes care of all important day-to-day operations. The facility, of a total of 4 hectares, includes a 1.5 hectares budwood area where we grow propagation material for customers. Like all other activities of Interplant Roses quality and innovation are at the center of our business.

Gavin Mouritzen explains: “Interplant Roses (East Africa) Ltd. is fully established and recognized throughout the region. We strive to continue its good name by our personal approach with our many valued customers. In recent times the rose industry has been facing a renaissance where quality product is taking the place of volume, Interplant Roses (East Africa) Ltd. recognizes that we need to be innovative and have a fresh approach to accommodate this trend, we believe that we are well on our way to achieving this.”

(Part of the) Team Interplant East Africa:
George Hopf, Irene Kasudi, Christine Wanjira, Judy-Anne Hartley and General Manager Gavin Mouritzen.

Water conservation as one of our top priorities

Interplant keeps an eye on the environmentAs in other parts of the world water conservation is a main issue in Kenya’s Lake Naivasha district. The nearby Lake Naivasha supplies the region with fresh water but the level of the lake is dependant on varying weather conditions. As fresh water is a scarce resource, Interplant Roses has decided to build its own closed circuit recycling system based upon reverse osmosis and UV light to maintain water quality. By investing in our own water recycling system we can safeguard a steady and qualitative flow of fresh water and support the regional initiatives for a sustainable water supply.


Interplant's Wetlands

Our company has constructed a Wetland to treat its waste water. The various, well selected plants help to clean and filter the pollutants. The wetland is a very efficient, economic and ecological system in reducing all the pollutants to an acceptable environmental level. Moreover, it looks amazing!