Interplant Roses The Netherlands

Our central office, greenhouse facility and main breeding and testing facilities are situated in Harmelen. Here we conduct the hybridization, pollination and testing of possible new rose varieties. From our head office, professional guidance is provided to our worldwide agents and representatives.

Rose breeding and testing

Facilities Interplant

At our facility in The Netherlands we make about 75.000 crossings per year, striving to come up with new and exciting rose varieties. The seedlings with the best potential will be tested over two years within our specially designed greenhouses where we use advanced computer technology to optimize growing conditions for the best results. 

After the two years a selection of the most promising seedlings are sent out to test centers all over the world. These seedlings will be tested under different climatic conditions making sure that every new rose variety that will finally be made available to our customers will meet all requirements and expectations.

Deciding which rose varieties will be commercialized

Besides the necessary technical testing of possible new rose varieties we also conduct many discussions with testing agents. Every piece of data and the opinions of our testing agents and other market influencers will be used in deciding which new rose varieties will make the perfect match to our existing or future market segments. Within our head office in The Netherlands all data is evaluated and a final decision will be made about which seedlings will be commercialized and for what market segment these seedlings are best suited.


Vase life tests

Many characteristics need to be judged before a new rose is qualified to become part of the Interplant Rose Family.One of the demands is if course a good vaselife.
Our Research Department is testing varieties thoroughly in our specially developed vaselife room.



The activities of our Licence Department

Breeding at Interplant Roses
After we have decided which rose varieties will be marketed for which market segments our licence department gets into gear. Provisional denominations will be altered into branded trademarks and registration of Plant Breeder’s Rights will be taken care of. Interested market participants will be contacted and license agreements will be made up. Our licence department takes care of all legal aspects and maintains a close relationship with our valued customers. For rose breeders and rose growers worldwide our license department in The Netherlands will handle all questions and applications for our existing and newly introduced rose varieties.


Product promotion at InterplantProduct Promotion

We promote our varieties by having presentations at the location/ facilities of our target groups, for instance at Hamifleurs, Dobbe Flowers, Fleura Metz and Hoven & de Mooij. These in-house presentations are well received by the market. It is a great way of immediate learning and experiencing how the floriculture industry evaluates our products. Many visitors also find their way to our facilities in Harmelen, where regular flower presentations are an exposure of mixed varieties, shown in an attractive way. For more information about (in-house) flower presentations, please contact Jeroen van Hemert at 

Vision, Innovation, GrowthAlways looking ahead

Breeding new rose varieties is by definition a future-oriented business. Today we are breeding new roses that will come to market in about 10 years. That means that we have to plan way ahead. Besides improving and optimizing our existing range of rose varieties we will keep breeding new varieties and we may even add new market segments or introduce totally new rose concepts. Today we are developing new garden rose varieties next to our existing range of cut roses. Another new development is to bring fragrant and ruffled flower types from Garden Roses into Spray Roses. Vision, Innovation and Growth will always be our compass.