Interplant Roses: Rose breeders with Vision

Rose breedingAt Interplant Roses we are proud of our rich history in rose breeding. For decades Interplant Roses has been one of the world’s most prominent rose breeders. In rose breeding however there is no time for looking back. 

Our eyes are always looking to the future. Which rose varieties will stand out from the crowd in 10 years to come? Only vision can supply the answer to that question. At Interplant Roses vision is a shared process where know-how and a close relationship with our customers prevail.

Innovation in rose breeding

Process of breedingInnovation is our core business. In fact, we dedicate ourselves to innovation daily. Within our location in The Netherlands we make over 75.000 crossings a year trying to create exciting new rose varieties.Testing of all promising varieties is conducted in our greenhouses in Holland as well as in our testing facilities in Kenya. We use sophisticated computer software to assist us in the hybridization of new rose varieties.

However, the most important element we add to this constant quest of optimization is our know-how and skills obtained over many years of breeding. An excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals form the backbone of our innovative rose breeding company.

Our focus is on Mutual Growth

Development of a new rose varietyCreating new rose varieties for future rose buyers is a team effort. Interpreting market changes, understanding the needs of rose growers and distributors and translating all these preferences in breeding amazing new rose varieties demands a close relationship with our customers and key influencers.

That is why we travel the world meeting rose growers, rose distributors and retailers, learning from their experiences and needs. To grow our business we have to make sure our customers can meet the demands of their markets. Mutual Growth truly lies at the heart of our business success.

A family owned business for over 50 years

Breeding The NetherlandsBeing a family owned business the know-how of hybridization and rose breeding has been passed on from one generation to another. Today the third generation of the Ilsink family is directing Interplant Roses to new opportunities and challenges. New rose varieties, new markets and new innovations will lead us to new opportunities of growth. Vision, innovation and a close co-operation with our customers will take us there.

Operating from various locations

Interplant Roses operates from various locations. Our head office is located in Harmelen, The Netherlands. Our main breeding and testing facilities are also situated in Harmelen. In Kenya we operate a testing facility as well as a showroom.
Read all about our rose breeding facilities in The Netherlands.
Read all about our testing and commercial facilities in Kenya East Africa.

Worldwide representations

Interplant Roses represents fellow rose breeders that add complementary rose varieties to the existing collection of Interplant Roses. We are proud to represent Grandiflora Nurseries, Harkness New Roses and Natural Selections to our valuable customers around the world.

Grandiflora Nurseries Pty. Ltd.Representation Interplant

Grandiflora Nurseries is an established rose breeding company in Australia that focuses its attention mainly on its domestic markets in Australia and New Zealand. For all other countries Grandiflora is being represented by Interplant Roses. Grandiflora offers an exciting collection of Hybrid Tea Roses, Clustar Roses and Fragrant Roses. Over the past years Interplant Roses has successfully introduced their varieties to the international rose market. More information. Download Grandiflora Collection Guide

Harkness New Roses 

Interplant represents Harkness New Roses from the UK exclusively in the Benelux region. Harkness is a well-known breeder of a substantial range of garden rose varieties across the spectrum, with bush, shrub, climbing and patio roses included in the selection.
Interplant is excited to offer Harkness'complete range of top quality garden roses to our customers.
More information

Natural Selections Ltd.

Representative InterplantSince 2008 Interplant Roses has represented the English rose breeding company Natural Selections. With a range of Sweetheart Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses Natural Selections Ltd. adds value to our international customer base. Interplant Roses is exclusively representing Natural Selections worldwide. During our close partnership we have successfully introduced new rose varieties. More information. 


Ciopora Member

Interplant Roses is a CIOPORA member, being the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties.


Member of Breeding Accel

Breeding Accel is a breeding platform founded by four floricultural breeders: Interplant Roses, KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding and Sion Young Plants. These independent family businesses are establishing Breeding Accel, an innovative knowledge platform that unites the expertise and research capacity of the individual companies. Its objective is to reduce the time to market, invest jointly in the latest breeding technologies, and exchange knowledge. Since none of these companies competes with each other with regard to their genetics, this maximises transparency and collaboration. For more information, see website Breeding Accel or download the leaflet

Founded by renowned Dutch floral designer Pim van den Akker, Flower Factor strives to share floral passion and knowledge. Aspects that the various segments in the flower industry have in abundance. It is Flower Factor’s objective to connect all the links (or 'factors') and help the entire flower industry bloom. Flower Factor work closely with international floral designers and companies that are active in this beautiful industry. Interplant is keen on the cooperation with Flower Factor and is confident that this will contribute to a better knowlegde of our product range within florists and flower companies in general. For some inspiration, see