After thousands of crossings and 25 years of experimenting, Interplant has succeeded in creating a new type of rose family that goes beyond the traditional rose: the Flows! This product is being bred exclusively by Interplant. The chosen varietal name, Flow, alludes to the very special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures.

As a new variation the Flows are positioned as high-end product and will be offered in a wide range of shapes and colours. Our product range has been enlarged by the Flows and fit perfectly into the broad and innovative Interplant breeding program as well as underline what we stand for: Vision, Innovation and Growth. We are just at the beginning of this exiting new program and look forward to providing the international market with more colours and more shapes!

Today, we present our latest Flow variety: Fair Flow®
This cream-orange-pink bi-coloured flow variety has a stemlength of 50-70 cm and a good vaselife of 14 – 16 days.