Interplant Roses: Vision and innovation in rose breeding.

Over the course of more than 50 years of rose breeding Interplant Roses has become one of the leading rose breeders in the world. Innovation has always been at the heart of our family owned business. Breeding new exciting rose varieties, exploring new market opportunities and grasping future trends, that is the essence of rose breeding. But innovation cannot flourish without a clear vision of our role as an innovative rose breeder within a market where our customers determine our success. That is why our customers remain our source of innovation and mutual growth is our ultimate goal.


Worldwide leader in breeding Spray Roses

Interplant Roses has been the world’s first rose breeder to develop Spray Roses. Over many years we have created a wide range of sparkling Spray Roses that has expanded our market and customer base.

Today we are the worldwide leader in breeding Spray Roses. We constantly come up with new enchanting introductions to our Spray Roses.
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A wide range in Hybrid Tea Roses, Intermediate Roses and Sweetheart Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses will always remain an important market segment for Interplant Roses. We offer our customers a wide selection of authentic and creative Hybrid Tea Rose and Intermediate Rose varieties.

Within our line of Standard Roses we have also created a compact but very sophisticated line of Sweetheart Roses in all the important colours.
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An exquisite collection of Fragrant Roses

Breeding Fragrant Roses adds an extra dimension to the breeding process. Optimizing on sight and smell is a complex but rewarding challenge. The perfect Fragrant Rose will stand out in both smell and sight.

All Fragrant Roses that make it to the final stage of commercialization have been tested on all important traits.
Interplant Roses has developed an exclusive collection of Fragrant Rose varieties.
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New introductions

Breeding roses is all about creating new and exciting roses that will capture the hearts of our customers.

Interplant Roses constantly creates new rose varieties in all of our market segments.
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A new development: Classic Roses

Classic Roses are medium to long stemmed, single headed roses with a classic garden shaped opening. The vaselife of Classic Roses has been improved to the point of being comparable to standard shaped, single headed roses, between 12 and 14 days. Classic Roses have a generally larger headsize compared to standard intermediate roses in the 5.5 to 6cm range. With their elegant, garden shaped opening, Classic Roses are becoming more and more popular with florists and flower arrangers.