The last quarter Interplant Roses has not been idle. Our Product Promotion Team presented our latest varieties in various locations all over the world. An excellent tool to get a full picture of how our new introductions are being received by mainly growers and traders. Participating in flower shows such as IFTEX, the Shanghai Flower Show, and ROOOZ contributes to that. Below we present you the most promising varieties divided in groups (Part II).

Antique colour range

The antique coloured spray roses are also much in demand at the moment. We present you the Top 4 of these varieties.

  • First picture, we present Brown Sugar, brown coloured premium spray rose, excellent vaselife, VBN-code 113843. Stemlength 60 – 70 cm. 
  • Second picture you will see Antigua, lovely pink cream bi-coloured premium spray rose. Medium producer, vaselife 12 – 14 days. VBN-code 113073. Stemlength 60 – 70 cm.
  • Third picture we have Chococcino, also bi-coloured orange-brown premium spray rose variety. Stemlength 60 – 70 cm, very popular variety. VBN-code 109957.
  • Fourth picture we present Silver Shadow, with its typically antique colour Lavender. Beautiful spray rose, stemlength 50-70 cm. VBN-code 120204. 

 Spray Roses

Of course, no Interplant News without the latest Spray Rose News! 

Below a glimpse of the most promising varieties being in good demand at the moment. 

  • Fiction, a purple-pink spray rose. VBN-code 119724
  • Summer Dance, pink bi-coloured spray rose, VBN-code 118276
  • Azore, cream-pink premium spray rose, VBN-code 119666
  • Axana, peach coloured premium spray rose 
  • Smashing, orange-yellow bi-coloured spray rose

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