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Nice flower presentation at Flower Business Support!

This week Interplant Roses held its rose presentation for Flower Business Support who's core business is to optimize the value- & supply chain of growers and traders. Of all the Interplant varieties shown, we highlight two Rising Stars: Helene a beautiful pink-abricot hybrid-tea rose, length 50-70 and Limonetti, lemon-yellow hybrid-tea rose, good production and vaselife, lenght 60-70. More information about indoor flower...


Testing new varieties - the vaselife room of Interplant!

Interplant is constantly working on improving the quality of its rose varieties. That is very important, as we are keen to develop the best cut roses in all facets. Vaselife tests really help us investigating many important things such as how does the flower behave? How do the petals look? What is the overall health after a few days, a week? It is an essential step in a large range of elements taken care of before a variety enters the market! We show you our vaselife room in The Netherlands, a lovely view of many newcoming varieties! To be continued...


Interplant on the road: flower presentations by Product Promotion!

This week, Interplant was present with an impressive flower presentation at Flower Handling Services Holland. We showed our latest spray rose varieties for an enthusiastic audience. Grower and good client of Interplant, Molo River Roses was being put into the spotlights during this event. Some of the new varieties shown were Rustigold,...


Happy Easter with Interplant!

Nature already looks wonderful this time of the year, with all colouful spring flowers and blossoms surrounding us!
It's time to celebrate Easter! Take a look at these cheerful spring bouquets in which many of our varieties look great! Spray roses are definitely suited for these kind of bouquets. Starring Mariah®, bright yellow spray rose, high production. Of course, no bouquet is complete without the established...


Be inspired by Interplant's beautiful Spring Flowers Collection! 

Easter Collection
Flowers are at their brightest and best during spring with nature providing a vibrant colour palette that can be brought indoors to brighten up any room or add the 'wow factor' to Easter celebrations! As Spring is in the air, we we wish to give you some Easter Flower Inspiration! 

Number one yellow: Interplant's best seller in Africa Moonwalk, a strong intermediate hybrid tea...