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A complete new type of roses: The Flow Flowers!

After thousands of crossings and 25 years of experimenting, Interplant has succeeded in creating a new type of rose family that goes beyond the traditional rose: the Flows! This product is being bred exclusively by Interplant. The chosen varietal name, Flow, alludes to the very special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures. Once fully opened up, the blooms create a surprising expression, with varying shapes and colour contrasts from petal to petal...


A real audience magnet: the Reeva Roses!

Interplant proudly presents: The Reeva Roses!
The Reeva's (Garden Shaped Roses) are medium to long stemmed, single headed roses with an old English shaped opening. The vaselife of Garden Shaped Roses has been improved to the point of being comparable to standard shaped, single headed roses, between 10 and 14 days. Garden Shaped Roses have a generally larger headsize compared to standard intermediate roses in the 5.5 to 6 cm range. With their elegant opening, Garden Shaped Roses are becoming more and more...


Spray Rose News from Interplant!

Interplant Roses is the worldwide leader in Spray Roses breeding. We have a broad range of spray rose varieties, sorted in 4 main categories: 
Regular Spray Roses
Premium Spray Roses
Supermarket Range Spray Roses
Trendsetter Roses (webpage in process)

Below a glimpse of our...


Season Greetings from Interplant!

Thank you for your confidence in our product and for our cooperation in 2017 .

We wish you an inspirational & fantastic 2018!

Board & Staff
Interplant  Roses Holland
Interplant Roses East Africa


Interplant Roses looks back at a great IFTF Show!

Last week Interplant Roses had a very well attended booth at the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF).
We could count on a lot of interest for our novelties and newest varieties shown. There was a particular strong interest for our latest product, the Flows
Meanwhile, we also welcomed a lot of visitors at our Open House in Harmelen, The Netherlands. 
Interplant is greatful for this and thanks all valued customers and rosefriends for a great event! 

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