Our asssortment in roses

Interplant Roses is a leading rose breeder for all important rose types in the cut flower market. They are classified in 3 main categories:

  1. Standard Roses
  2. Spray Roses
  3. Clustar Roses
  4. Fragrant Roses
  5. Garden Roses

hybrid tea roses and sweetheart roses

Standard Roses

Our Standard Rose assortment encompasses Hybrid Tea Roses, Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses and Sweetheart Roses.

Nothing standard about these marvellous rose varieties but they do make up our classic rose collection, so what’s in a name?
Take a look at our assortment Standard Roses

spray roses

Spray Roses

Interplant Roses is the worldwide leader in Spray Rose innovation. We are the creator of Spray Roses and we still come up with new dazzling varieties.

Our Spray Rose collection stands out in quality and diversity.
Take a look at our assortment Spray Roses

Clustar Roses

Clustar® Roses as the name suggests are a formation of a cluster of flowers and buds on each stem known as a truss. The Clustar® collection showcases exquisite blooms that encompass beauty and finesse.

Interplant is proud of this innovative and exciting style of cut rose. Take a look at our assortment Clustar Roses

fragrant roses

Fragrant Roses

Breeding Fragrant Roses needs specific skills and craftsmanship as most roses are not intensively fragrant.

At Interplant Roses we create roses especially for their fragrance, although they also possess other excellent traits.
Take a look at our assortment Fragrant Roses


Garden Roses

Our Garden Rose assortment encompasses Babylon Eyes Roses® and Holiday Island Roses. Our Garden Rose collection stands out in quality and diversity.